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Why Join a Chamber?

The followings are some of the reasons; you may consider joining membership

of chamber of commerce:

To promote your businesses and services

To voice your concern to the governmental policies formulation and enforcement;

and coordinate the unified efforts in the area of your business operation to

maintain and strengthen a healthy business environment.

To stay informed of policies, regulation and information related to your business.

To build network across the business spectrum locally and internally; hence,

making reliable contact of business partners, suppliers, customers and even

governmental officials etc.

To promote your business name and value.

To be able to receive a resolution outside the court in case of business dispute

through a mechanism called Alternative Dispute Resolution.


How to become a Member?

Any legal registered business entity, through a formal representative, in Cambodia

is qualified to become ordinary member of one of local chambers of commerce

within its own operated business boundary. It could apply to become direct member

of the Cambodia Chamber of Commerce if its operation exceeds specific

municipal/provincial boundary. It is usual for a director to represent the business

in the membership application; however, formal nominee could also be eligible.


For application form, fee and detail information, interested business and potential

member should contact local chamber of commerce in their respective operation

territory or directly contact the Cambodia Chamber of Commerce should they

consider joining its direct membership.


The Required characteristics in name of ordinary members of the chamber of commerce:


To complete the application form of ordinary member;

To be a company, enterprise, factory, and business that obtains the registration

certificate legally;

The applicant shall be a Chairman, Voice-Chairman, Director, Deputy-Director,

Executive, Manager and editor of the business entity-Single ownership of company,

factory, enterprise, and other businesspersons;

To pay the annual fee is a must:

  • Local Business Entity ( USD 150.00 )
  • Foreign Business Entity ( USD 350.00 )
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